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Building extraordinary relationships with our business community

Our commitment to patient care goes beyond the walls of the hospital, extending to the health and wellness of our communities in Southeastern Indiana, Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare Occupational Health & Wellness provides employees from Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky care that prevents, treats and/or rehabilitates occupational illnesses and injuries.

Our partnership will help detect health problems, lower your health care costs and ensure employee productivity as well as offer a customized program to meet your unique business needs.

It’s Simple

Healthy and productive employees are essential to the success of a business. Our staff promotes good health and safety while working closely with each employee. We have a variety of experts on our Occupational Health team that allows us to meet the needs of many different industries, including:

To secure an appointment, please complete this AUTHORIZATION FORM  and fax to 812-537-8343 or call 812-537-8323 or 800-676-5572, ext. 8323.

From drug testing to onsite health and wellness screenings, the St. Elizabeth Occupational Health and Wellness Center will provide the professional services and compassionate care that your employees deserve. 

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Adult immunizations and titers for workplace prevention or baseline testing. Flu, tetanus, hepatitis A and B, MMR, and additional vaccines and TB testing are available upon request.

Fitness for Duty Exams/Return to Work
Providing a clinically objective determination of an employee’s ability to perform the essential job functions for their safety and the safety of others.

Wellness Programs
Services designed to support and encourage healthy behaviors while reducing your healthcare spending. Our partnership will support the prevention of illness and injury while promoting health and productivity. Many diverse programs will meet your employees’ needs and the needs of their families.

Biometric Screening
Providing important information on current and potential medical issues such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and hypertension. Screenings are tailored to the needs of the employer to ensure early diagnosis and the promotion of health and wellness. 

Surveillance Exams
Assuring the health of the employees who have workplace exposure to particular health hazards (e.g., high noise levels, chemicals, HAZWOPER) known to pose risk for a potentially serious health condition, illness, or injury or for those who perform specific tasks (e.g., respiratory use, DOT) that require a level of health and fitness. We ensure accurate results with state-of-the-art computer-driven testing equipment that supports essential analysis at subsequent exams.

Pre-employment Exams
Help companies to determine if the post-offer candidate has the physical capabilities to perform the essential functions of the job. Tests, immunizations and screenings will support employee and public safety.

Physical Therapy Services
Treatment designed for injured and recovering clients to return them to work safely and quickly while reducing the risk of re-injury. Our therapists have the education, experience, and credentials to provide professional physical therapy services to ensure superior care with measurable results.

Substance Abuse Screening
A comprehensive drug and alcohol screening program that provides convenient, fast and reliable service. Pre-employment, with injury or random testing is available. Our staff is trained to follow procedures mandated by the Department of Transportation to ensure accuracy.

Executive and Employee Physicals
A personalized health and wellness screening, focusing on the prevention of illness or injury while accommodating the busy schedule of the executive. The comprehensive exam and consultation are tailored for early diagnoses.

On-site Education and Health Fairs
Our health and wellness education and screening programs ensure productivity and employee satisfaction. Programs are developed following an assessment of business and employee needs and tailored to have a measurable impact.

Workplace Injury and Follow-up Care
Treating workplace injury and illnesses with prompt, efficient and quality medical care while coordinating follow-up care to expedite their safe return to work.


How do I send my employees?
Send your employees with a completed authorization form to our Occupational Health & Wellness Center where they will receive prompt care.

What injuries will the department treat?
Minor injuries such as sprains, strains, rashes, eye irritation, soft tissue, and superficial lacerations.

How does St. Elizabeth Healthcare communicate the status of my employee?
Before the employee is released, you will receive a call from our nursing staff to discuss your employee's plan of care.

What if I send the employee and the injury is too severe?
The nursing staff will assist the employee to the emergency department for more advanced care. Your employee's safety is our number one concern.

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