Medical Stabilization

Medical Stabilization

Hope for those with Addiction

Indications of drug or alcohol use

Highpoint Health Inpatient Medical Stabilization treats patients who suffer from substance abuse addictions while in a safe and confidential environment. Medical Stabilization begins with a short hospital stay while providing evidence-based treatment for opiate addiction.

During your stay at Highpoint Health, you will receive compassionate care and support, educational materials, and a discharge plan to assure proper support is in place after you leave.

Medical Stabilization is a voluntary, scheduled admission and patients must meet certain requirements.

Reclaim Your LifeWithdrawal symptoms

The use and abuse of opiates and/or other chemicals can disrupt a person's life in many ways. Loss of job, breakup of marriages and families, loss of self-esteem, and even loss of life can result from the continued abuse of opiates and/or other drugs. However, with proper treatment and an ongoing desire to remain free of substance use, individuals can resume and maintain healthy and productive lifestyles.

Inpatient Stabilization

  • medically supervised hospital stay typically lasts 3 days
  • alleviates acute, intense symptoms of withdrawal during the initial period of detox
  • medication assisted treatment
  • 24-hour monitoring by hospital staff

Discharge Planning

  • counseling
  • treatment recommendations
  • relapse prevention
  • referrals to appropriate aftercare programs

Highpoint Health Medical Stabilization allows patients to concentrate on their own physical well-being while preparing to begin follow-up treatment and counseling after discharge. Patients will receive daily medical and nursing care that is physician directed.

For more information, please contact the Highpoint Health Medical Stabilization Department at 812-532-2646 or email at

Substance abuse resources including prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery can be found here


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