Anticoagulation Clinic

Anticoagulation Clinic

Highpoint Health's Anticoagulation Clinic is available to help monitor the clotting time and medication levels of individuals who are taking blood thinners. Currently, the clinic accepts patients who are taking warfarin, better known as Coumadin®. Plans call for the clinic to be expanded in the coming months to cover additional blood thinning medications.

The clinic is staffed by anticoagulation specialists who work in cooperation with the patient’s personal physician. Board Certified Cardiologist Dr. Ashok Penmetsa is the clinic’s Medical Director.

At the clinic, a ‘finger stick’ blood sampling is done to determine the patient’s prothrombin time, or clotting time, as it compares to the International Normalized Ratio. The INR was established by the World Health Organization and the International Committee on Thrombosis and Haemostasis for creating a baseline of clotting times for patients taking warfarin.

The clinic includes an on-site laboratory which runs the blood test. If the prothrombin time is off, the Pharmacist can adjust the dosage of the prescription. Clinic Pharmacists are authorized by the patient’s doctor to change the dosage if needed. They then notify the physician of the change in dosage.

During a visit to the clinic, a patient’s drug therapy will be reviewed for potential drug interactions. Pharmacists are also available to provide education and counseling regarding anticoagulation therapy. After each visit to the clinic, the patient’s personal physician will be sent the lab results and a progress report.

Patients starting anticoagulation therapy may need to visit the clinic once or twice a week. As the patient’s condition stabilizes, the frequency of their visits will decrease. Stabilized patients will need to visit the clinic only once a month.

The Clinic is located in Suite 230 of the Highpoint Health Professional Building. For more information, please contact your personal physician or call the Highpoint Health Pharmacy at 812-537-8138 or 800-676-5572, ext. 8138. A physician’s referral is required for enrollment in the program.

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