Pricing Information

Pricing Information

Price Estimates:

At Highpoint Health, we offer price estimates for most services and procedures, so you can plan ahead for your financial health.

Estimates typically reflect a range of what costs can be predicted for the services you receive from the hospital. The estimate is for hospital charges only and is based off benefits provided by your insurance company for your specific procedure and/or service. You may receive additional bills for pathology, anesthesia, hospitalists/physician services and any other service needed that are not reflected in the estimate.

Determining your individual out-of-pocket costs for your procedure and/or services often includes a wide range of variables - such as your deductibles, co-payments, insurance provider (company/carrier), etc. To better understand your potential out-of-pocket costs, we encourage you to speak with one of our Financial Counselors at 812-537-8404.  

Transparency Disclosure:

Highpoint Health complies with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services rules regarding price transparency by providing a machine-readable file (see below) that includes a list of standard charges.  It’s important to note that these charges are our standard gross charges and do not reflect insurance discounts Highpoint Health has negotiated with most of our patient’s insurers. The prices do not always reflect all cost associated with the procedure and/or service and the procedure and/or service may be represented by multiple line items. We strongly encourage you to contact your insurance provider to request an estimate for a specific procedure and/or service to better understand your financial responsibility.

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