New Support Group for Families, Friends of Sudden Death Victims

Highpoint Health Hospice is beginning a new support group called Beacons of Hope for those who have lost a loved one through a traumatic death.

The group will meet on Tuesdays, March 5 through March 26, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at Highpoint Health’s Home Health & Hospice offices, 370 Bielby Road, Lawrenceburg.  Rev. Patti Warning, Hospice Bereavement Coordinator, is the facilitator of the support group.

“Beacons of Hope is for those who have lost a loved one through a tragic sudden death, such as a car accident, fire, disaster, sudden illness, suicide or murder,” Rev. Warning explained.  “This event may severely traumatize the victim’s family and friends.”

The group is designed to offer understanding, compassion and support.  It will provide grief information that is relevant to the survivors and provide a place where they can mourn and process their loss.

“A sudden death can result in intense grief reactions, sometimes more so than after an expected passing,” Rev. Warning added.  “Traumatic grief is different and challenging and may last longer.”

There is no charge to attend but registration is required.  For information or to register, please call Rev. Warning at 812-537-8192 or 800-676-5428 or email her at

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